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The Best Way to Connect with Your Customers in their Cars

Boost user engagement and gain valuable insights by connecting directly with your customers through Marketplace, the automotive industry's first in-car commerce platform. Available in Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles.

* Available on select 2017 model year and newer GM vehicles with compatible hardware.

Great Service Begins Before Your Customers Arrive

Fuel & Convenience

Deliver offers, discounts, and directions to nearby fuel and convenience stores, and accept payments.

Food & Drink

Let your customers skip the line by ordering and paying for food and beverages ahead of time.


Help guests find nearby restaurants and reserve a table, book a hotel room, or find and pay for a parking spot.

Curbside Pickup

Allow customers to stay in their cars and save time by quickly reordering food and retail items for curbside pickup.

Reach Your Customers at the Point of Decision

Consumers spend hundreds of hours in their vehicles each year. Leverage vehicle connectivity and Marketplace's unique data capabilities to convert this time into new customer-engagement opportunities.

Source: American Automobile Association, TrueMotion, gotrumotion.com

Join the rapidly-growing list of Marketplace merchant partners that already includes some of the world's largest fuel, food, parking, hotel, and retail brands.

What Your Customers Need, When They Need It

Marketplace utilizes vehicle data to add context to customer transactions. For example, the platform can display the location of a nearby fuel station offer when a driver’s fuel level is low or a take-out pizza special near dinnertime. Your brand can effectively target promotional activities by category, vehicle location, and event triggers.

Cross-Platform Engagement

Marketplace's cross-platform engagement offers unique insights into how consumers interact with your brand — both in and outside of their vehicles.

In-Vehicle Touchscreens

While in the car, Marketplace allows brands to engage with consumers through their in-vehicle touchscreens.

* Available on select 2017 model year and newer GM vehicles with compatible hardware.

Mobile Apps

Brands can engage with consumers outside their vehicles through myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC, and myCadillac mobile apps.

Before, I would just go to where I could find the cheapest gas. Now, it's 'Where's the next-closest Exxon station?'"

– Owner of a Marketplace-equipped 2017 Chevy ColoradoSource: The Wall Street Journal, Ordering Coffee Through Your Car? New Apps Turn Cars...

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